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Here’s the list of books that we have published. These are available in National Bookstore and accredited dealers.

Becoming a Winner – Workbook on Personality Development 2016 ed. Php 420.00
by:  Amelia S. Roldan

This book is designed to help individuals discover an ideal personality to emulate, compare themselves to the ideal through diagnostic exercises and reflection guide, look into their own personality handicaps and overcome them through therapeutic exercises contained in the book. It uses a experiential approach to formation, making the journey to self empowerment a dynamic and meaningful experience. The book covers lessons on the dynamics of personality change and character building, building self esteem and self confidence, building win-win-healthy relationships, becoming a pro-active adult, projecting a positive social image, aligning one’ hierarchy of values, developing self discipline and finding meaning and direction in life.

This book can be used by schools in their personality development programs or by non-government organizations involved in human formation. It can also be used by individuals who are still searching … for their identity, inner peace, happiness, success in their studies or career, and for a formula for overcoming the challenges and difficulties of day-to-day living.

The insights, tests, learning activities and other materials contained in the text are the product of the author’s research and study, learnings that she derived from the sharing and experiences of people with whom she encountered in her ministry of human formation. Most of all, they are the fruits of divine revelation as she continues to meditate and reflect on the realities of life as she experiences them


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Operating and Managing a Hotel & Restaurant Business 2014 ed -Php 550.00
By Amelia S. Roldan

This is a comprehensive book that reveals the secrets of running an efficient and profitable hotel, resort, canteen, restaurant/catering business. It provides practical principles and techniques of rational, cost-efficient management applied to the hospitality industry, with detailed text, illustrative examples, tools and forms for sales forecasting, budgeting, sales analysis, marketing, menu planning, costing and pricing, cash and cost control, monitoring and inspection, performance management, leadership and motivation.

Many industry practitioners who have used the strategies in this book are amazed with the spectacular results. Spared from the high cost of consultancy, they found practical solutions to their operational problems and are able to turn losses to profits.

The whole text is divided into 9 chapters. The first chapter starts with a description of the organizational climate that is favourable to efficient operations so that anyone contemplating to do business in the hotel and restaurant industry will be guided in making a good start. The next one gives an overview of management and specific management functions as applied in tourism related business. The third to the eighth chapters discuss in detail the elements, principles and techniques governing the four major management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The final chapter provides guidelines on how to start a hotel and restaurant business, including the pre-operating requirements, licensing and accreditation.

The given examples and illustrations are based on existing practices of some successful hospitality establishments. The author cited some corporate practices that worked well for some companies with the hope that others will learn from these experiences. She also provided some diagnostic exercises for industry practitioners to be able to objectively assess their own practices against the management model. Also included in each chapter are case studies and work sheets for skills practice.



REVISED EDITION 2014 – Php 420.00

This book focuses on service delivery standards and procedures for restaurants, bars, banquets, catering and room service. Each chapter covers details on the organization of the service brigade, tools and equipment and their proper usage, preparations for service, order taking, service standards and procedures. The chapter on Bar service presents the various alcoholic beverages, including wines, spirits and cocktails. Recipes for drink mixing are also provided. There is one chapter that touches on Food Safety and Sanitation and another one on Customer Relations.

The operational policies, systems and procedures described in the text are based on international standards, many of which are universally applicable, even for small eateries. However, certain practices and standards need to be customized to suit the specific demands of each food outlet. These vary depending on the size, scope and complexity of the business.

Students and learners who wish to embrace a profession in food and bar service will find the book helpful and quite easy to understand inasmuch as the language is very simple and the text made use of illustrative examples and graphics to make it easier for the reader to visualize and understand the given procedures.

The references used for this book are mostly unpublished materials which the authors together with their colleagues developed during their stint in Hotel Nikko Manila Garden. Some books and magazines from USA and Europe were also used for reference. But the most significant contributions are the insights shared by some other food experts in Hotel Nikko and other leading hotels and food chain.



This book introduces beginners into the Hotel and Front Office Operations. It touches on the classification of hotels and resorts, types of guest rooms, hotel products, services and facilities, hotel grading system and accreditation requirements in the Philippines. It also presents detailed Front Office procedures particularly in Handling Room Reservations, Registration of Guests, Bell Service, Front Office Cashiering, Telephone Exchange, Room Sales, Hotel Safety and Security.

The book also provide illustrations, examples as well as sample forms and materials relevant to the application of Front Office Procedures.

This book was reviewed an edited by the late Erlinda Ilano, a seasoned hotel manager who designed and managed Front office, Sales and Reservations Procedures for Hotel Nikko and several other hotels and resorts that she served.


by Chef Benedicto Reyes and Amelia Roldan

This book is an ideal reference for beginners in the culinary profession. It covers lessons on the basics of kitchen operations including kitchen organization, manning and work distribution, kitchen layout, kitchen equipment and supplies and their proper usage, kitchen safety and sanitation management, basic cooking methods, preparations for cooking, ingredients, cuts of vegetables, butchering of meat and sea foods, and stewarding operations.

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Cost & Materials Management in the Food Industry Rev. Ed 2016 – Php 420.00
by:  Amelia S. Roldan

A book that contains the secrets for controlling cost so that the food business can reap a good return of its investment. It provides control tools, measures and procedures for all phases of food service operations – from budget preparation, menu planning, ordering, purchasing, warehouse operations, production, sales and service. It also exhaustively touches on stock inventory, cash management, income audit, cashiering, reporting and documentation of sales and expenses, and other related aspects of operations management.

The topics discussed are made easier to understand since they are fully illustrated with examples, supplemented by sample forms and tools relevant to the topics being discussed. Each section also contains activities for workshops and skills practice. The principles and strategies outlined in this book have been tested and proven to produce results. The author has been making use of them in rescuing some of her client companies, enabling them to bring down their cost and increase their profit, track down losses and anomalies, reduce waste, increase efficiency and most of all, instill corporate discipline.


Housekeeping Management  Revised Ed 2012- Php 400.00
by Amelia Roldan / Amelia Crespo

This book sets guidelines for an efficient and quality housekeeping. It covers 7 chapters, as follows:

1) Organizing the Housekeeping Job;
2) Public Area Maintenance with lessons on cleaning tools and their proper usage, cleaning and sanitizing procedures and standards, floor cleaning, care and maintenance and the 5 S’S of Good Housekeeping;
3) Rooms Cleaning and Maintenance, including room and bed make up procedures, room check, mini bar installation;
4) Linen and Laundry Service;
5) Sanitation in Housekeeping including waste management and pest control
6) Managing and Monitoring the Housekeeping Job, touching on budget preparation, stocks control and inventory, monitoring, reports and documentation of transactions.

Our company, AR Skills Development and Management Services, Inc. is a training and consultancy firm that provides services on Skills Upgrading, Values Formation, Management Development Programs, Organizational Development, Management Services and Technical Consultancy.

Our mission is to help hospitality establishments and other client group and companies in the training and career development of their staff and also in upgrading their operational systems in a manner that will maximize cost efficiency and profit. We also provide various services to companies and schools engaged in the hospitality and food industry. Aside from this, we also publish books for students and industry practitioners.

Our firm is manned and administered by human resource development experts and highly seasoned hoteliers whose competence is honed by their very rich academic background and managerial exposure in various companies in the Philippines and abroad.