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Introduction to Culinary Operations

Php 380.00

This book is an ideal reference for beginners in the culinary profession. It covers lessons on the basics of kitchen operations including kitchen organization, manning and work distribution, kitchen layout, kitchen equipment and supplies and their proper usage, kitchen safety and sanitation management, basic cooking methods, preparations for cooking, ingredients, cuts of vegetables, butchering of meat and sea foods, and stewarding operations.

Our company, AR Skills Development and Management Services, Inc. is a training and consultancy firm that provides services on Skills Upgrading, Values Formation, Management Development Programs, Organizational Development, Management Services and Technical Consultancy.

Our mission is to help hospitality establishments and other client group and companies in the training and career development of their staff and also in upgrading their operational systems in a manner that will maximize cost efficiency and profit. We also provide various services to companies and schools engaged in the hospitality and food industry. Aside from this, we also publish books for students and industry practitioners.

Our firm is manned and administered by human resource development experts and highly seasoned hoteliers whose competence is honed by their very rich academic background and managerial exposure in various companies in the Philippines and abroad.