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Our company, AR Skills Development and Management Services (SDMS) is a Training and Consultancy firm since year 2000. It has conducted a series of skills development programs under the DOT-ADB-CIDA Training Support projects in Bohol and Davao, particularly on hospitality services like Housekeeping, Front Office Procedures, Food and Beverage Service, Culinary, Customer Service and Guest Relations.


It has also conducted several programs on Hotel and Restaurant Management, Leadership/Supervisory Enhancement, Cost and Materials Management, Financial Management, Trainers Training, Values Formation and Personality development. It is also engaged in manpower outsourcing, book publication and technical consultancy. SDMS has done projects with NGO’s, cooperatives and community organizations, doing services on project development, impact evaluation, systems design, community development, research and fund sourcing.

We are also a publishing company. We have released several books on Hospitality Services, authored by our consultant-trainers, among which are Operating and Managing a Hotel and Restaurant Business, Food Service and Bartending, Basic Culinary Operations, Cost and Materials Management, Housekeeping Management, Front Office Operations and Becoming a Winner (book on Personality Development and Values Education. Our books are on sale in several bookstores and now widely used by hotel/restaurant practitioners as well as schools offering Hotel and Restaurant Management Programs.

Aside from book publication, SDMS has assisted some companies in the documentation of their systems in preparation for ISO accreditation.   It has also extended technical support to several hotels, resorts and other establishments in re-aligning their service delivery and internal control systems in a manner that will redound to higher efficiency and at the same time insuring that losses, pilferages and wasteful consumption are reduced to the minimum if not totally eliminated, giving way to bigger profit.   Some schools have also tapped SDMS consultants in curriculum development and in the skills upgrading of their faculty. SDMS consultants have also been doing Retainer– Consultancy services to some hotels and food chain.




Our intervention is geared towards attaining and sustaining the desired outcome for each program. Thus we employ a diagnostic, participative and therapeutic approach in all our training programs.



Prior to program administration, we conduct an assessment of training needs and operational concerns to be able to customize learning inputs and address the concerns that surface in our pre –assessment.



We employ experiential techniques where participants are engaged in doing their own assessment and analysis of their existing practices vs. standards and desirable systems that are presented in the program. Likewise they are involved in searching for alternative and better ways of improving their customer service and work procedures.



Our programs end with concrete action plans geared towards addressing problems and concerns that surface during the training. We assist participating companies in the documentation of agreed upon standards, systems and practices; we sit down with the management team to discuss areas of alignment and provide the needed technical support.



For sustainable impact, we offer our services not only for classroom instructions but also retainer services, leaving behind our trainer to do follow up coaching and follow up support in implementing standards and procedures discussed during the training. With our trainer immersed in the company’s operation, he will be in a better position to reinforce learning in the classroom with on the job coaching and at the same time assess the progress of participants in applying what they learn. This immersion also provides our trainers with sufficient basis for certification of competency


Partial List of our Clients


  1. From the DOT-ADB-CIDA Training Support Projects

Metro Center Hotel- Tagbilaran City

Panglao Island Nature Resort – Panglao Bohol

Amarela Resort – Panglao Island

Bohol Assn Of Hotels and Restaurants

Grand Menseng Hotel –Davao

Davao Consortium of Hotels – Villa Margarita, Ritz Hotel, Metro Center Hotel, Ronaldo’s Restaurant, Camp Holiday


  1. Consultancy Services– Systems Upgrading, Documentation, Retainer Services, Training

Maribago Bluewater Resort – Cebu

Court Meridian Hotel – Subic

Sta Elena Golf Club, Shopwise and Rustans Group of Companies

Florabel Group of Restaurants

Rockwell Resort –Laguna

Phil. Pastries Inc. – owning company of Bizu Patisserie and Café

Team Energy Corporation – operating a 200 room hostel, coffee and employee canteen

Heavenly Urban Chef (commissary that operates 30 outlets)

Crown Royale Hotel – Olongapo

Zanzibar Hotel – Olongapo

Alfonsos Food Services

Racsos Hotel –Iloilo

Green Glass Hotel –Laguna

Apo View Hotel – Davao

Potters Ridge Hotel – Tagaytay

Cabalen Management Corporation


  1. Skills Training, Management and Technical Programs

Solaire Hotel and Casino

Mother Ignacia Foundation and Ayala Foundation

 Sumosam Group of Restaurants and Bizu Patisserie Group of Restaurants

 Mirant Pagbilao Corporation

 Sta Elena Golf Club,

  Max’s Restaurant

  Joaquin Cunanan Auditing Co.,


  Crown Royale Hotel,

  Racks Food Chain,

  Bestprint Textile Company,

  H-Bytes Computer,

   Hotel Sofitel,

  Ionics Circuits, Synertronix Semi-con Industry,

   Chowking Restaurant,

  Magsaysay Lines,

   Red Ribbon Philippines,

   DAP Conference Center,

   QC Chamber of Commerce and many others.

Our company, AR Skills Development and Management Services, Inc. is a training and consultancy firm that provides services on Skills Upgrading, Values Formation, Management Development Programs, Organizational Development, Management Services and Technical Consultancy.

Our mission is to help hospitality establishments and other client group and companies in the training and career development of their staff and also in upgrading their operational systems in a manner that will maximize cost efficiency and profit. We also provide various services to companies and schools engaged in the hospitality and food industry. Aside from this, we also publish books for students and industry practitioners.

Our firm is manned and administered by human resource development experts and highly seasoned hoteliers whose competence is honed by their very rich academic background and managerial exposure in various companies in the Philippines and abroad.